Raised porcelain Patio.

Here we find a raised porcelain patio, the walls have then be rendered with a sand and cement render before being painted. This gives a fantastic place to have planters, as well as acting as the necessary retainers for the patio itself. In this case the rendered walls were designed to also double as a planter. This gives the ability to soften the installation with some evergreen plants.

There are several different types of paving slabs available to use, some are man made and some are natural. With the choice of porcelain (man made) it has the advantage of being very easy to keep clean and requires the minimum of maintenance.

Porcelain is a popular choice of those who want an easy to maintain patio. As a company we are extremely experienced in the laying of these products.

The patio itself is made from an Italian porcelain slab, which is available from https://www.gards.co.uk/ and finished with a non porous resin style pointing compound. Check out the patio section of the companies website for more information.

We conduct the majority of our installations within the Chelmsford area. However we cover the majority of Essex and are expanding out all the time.Essex Patio Installers