Porcelain patio in Chelmsford, Essex

ATS Landscapes Ltd are a specialist in porcelain patio installations, working in and around Chelmsford, Essex.

Porcelain patios are installed in a very different ways to other paving styles, especially natural stone. They require specialist blades to cut them correctly, they will not adhere to cement so require a slurry to be applied to the back of them.

The project that relates to the photograph on this block is a multi tiered block work system, this introduces block work planters to add some colour to the patio. The patio itself is over a metre off the standard ground height, which means around 30 tonnes of material was brought in and compacted!!

An Italian porcelain purchased from https://www.gards.co.uk/

The slabs are laid in a brick bond style, which is a very modern look to match the style of the house.

Our team continues to conduct installations throughout Chelmsford, Essex, as well as the surrounding areas including Maldon, Brentwood, Witham and many other areas.

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