Patio installation in Chelmsford, Essex


We are very close to the completion of a very nice patio installation in Chelmsford, Essex. The patio is laid with ‘platinum’ grey Indian sandstone slabs. This has then been finished with a grey pointing.

The patio itself has been laid in a brick bond style, which is a very modern look when combined with the sharp edges of the honed top and side slabs. A nice alternative to the more traditional patio packs where there are 4 different sized slabs.

As with all of our installations there is a minimum of 100mm of MOT grade type one installed prior to the slabs being laid on 50mm of concrete. This is on a full ‘bed’ and not dot and dab.


With this installation there was also a rendered block work wall built to act as a retainer for the high planters. This was required as originally the garden was on a slope and over 50 tonnes of material was removed to make it flat.

A drainage line has been installed around the patio, which feeds in to the existing grey water drain system. All parts of the patio slope very gently away from the house.


ATS Landscapes can install many different styles of patios, driveways, decking as well as other hard and soft landscaping. Please click the link below to get in touch for a free estimate.

Patio installers Chelmsford, Essex
Patio installers Chelmsford, Essex
Patio installers Chelmsford, Essex
Cut in drain cover, patio installation in Chelmsford
Patio installation Chelmsford
Indian sandstone patio being installed in Chelmsford, Essex

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