ATS Landscapes are Chelmsford Patio Installers

We conduct landscaping and patio installations throughout Chelmsford and Essex. We have a particular expertise and experience within porcelain paving as we have the correct cutting equipment and setup for this. For Chelmsford patio installers called ATS Landscapes on 01245 763978.

In this photograph you can see a porcelain slab from the Marshalls range, in this case the Ardara 1200 x 600 slab in the colour Ash. To view the Marshalls website for this paver please click here.

This is a large paver but as can be seen in the picture, can work extremely effectively in a small garden, the artificial grass in the centre of garden breaks up the paving and adds some colour to feature within the garden. ATS Landscapes can supply and install your patio and artificial grass, please click on the following link for further details.

ATS Landscapes patio installers

With our vast amount of experience within all types of patio installation we can help you from the initial stage, all the way through to your aftercare. An experienced landscape gardener will come to your property and run through all the details with you. As the person standing in front of you is not a sales person, but a seasoned landscaper, you can ask questions directly to them.

As porcelain paving is fast becoming the ‘go to’ paving slab for the modern look it is no wonder it now forms the vast majority of the patios we lay. It is a very low maintenance product, being far less porous than its Sandstone, limestone or slate counterparts. As the price of these natural products continues to increase, it also means that porcelain become very effective value for money too.

Please get in touch to find out more and to speak to an experienced landscape gardener.